Dhankar Monestary Lake


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14th Nov 2010
Barlachla Trek Gallery has been updated....please visit Gallery for exploring this hidden beauty

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ill titleMy Journey !

It started on some twenty six years ago on 15th March 1981 in Delhi (India). I am a simple person with lots of ambitions in my eyes. Love all the things that our mother nature provides us. Like adventurous sports and mouth watering vegetarian food.Like travelling and did a lot.

I studied in Delhi and completed my B.Tech. in Information Technology from IP University (all back benchers upto senior secondary level having a dream to get admission into this university :)). I always did what I want in my life and still doing the same (even after marriage, thanks to my cute wife :)). I faced severe outcomes of this behavior at many points of time but never changed though.

I am here to share my experiences with you and to learn some advices from you my freinds. Will share all the details reagrding my ventures in past and in future to you very soon..its just the begining

Standing on Frozen Lake "What a excitement one can get when standing on a frozen lake....simply amazing"


ill title

Night View of Lake "Overwhalming view of Sirloskar Lake in the full moon light..."