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5th August 2013
Working on some treks in 2013

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ill titleWelcome !

Dear Friends,

INDIA, as we know, the land of unexplored and undiscovered mysteries, which still even after centuries yet remains to be explored! A place which is full of diversities; whether its land, people, language, weather, food or culture, you can find everything here, which enriches your body, mind and soul. The beauty of my country spreads from mighty Himalayas in north to the Kanyakumari in south (which touches three oceans Bay of Bengal, Arabic ocean & Indian Ocean), from Thar Desert in the west to the cloudfull states of eastern India.

My country full of mesmerizing places where one can enjoy the total tranquility or be the part of endless crowd. The barren land of Leh is almost equally vivacious as the backwaters of Kerela, where people equally love to ramble in Thar Desert as in Sikkim or Nagaland.

My country endow with every aspect of life, people enjoy their festivals be it Diwali, Ramzan, Baisakhi, Pongal, Christmas, Moatsu, Navratiri, Durga Puja, Bihu & Yaoshang (Dol Jatra) with equal zeal. It is this rich culture & heritage of India that binds us together as one.

My site is meant for the people who want to enjoy their life without any inhibitions. People, who love adventure, dare to do conquer whatever comes into their path. People, who love India by their soul and want to search every bit of this lovely land.

Treat this site as the humble effort from my side on sharing my knowledge, that I have gained through numerous excursions to such places, with all those who may need it. By this means, I would like to throw some light upon the unexplored & untamed horizons of India.

Posing at Hatu Peak :) "This is me sitting ideal at Hatu peak near Narkanda...watching the beauty of mother nature"


ill title

Wandering near Batal "I was excited as treked down from Chandertaal to Batal within 2.5 hrs. Cool breeze flowing at its full pace and I was like floating in between."